Johnny Pacar - I Wont Stand Alone chords

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Hey everyone so this is the
chords for I wont stand alone hope you like it:)

They work for me if they dont for you, well To bad:) just kidding

Capo: 1th 2th 3th 4th.... freet ,you get it. It dos not matter

Chords used:


INTRO: em C em A G D (x2)

(Vers 1)

 C                         em                      
Its just another morning glory

C                         em         
One more twisted side of this wild ride.

C                      em                  
Another chapter in the story 

    C                 A
but I cant hide the way I feel inside.

(Chorus 1)

em           C               em     D
Cause Im a stranger in a strange land

em        C              G       D 
and Im a million miles from my home

em      C        G        D
if a gotta take my last stand
C              D    D            em
I wont stand alone ,I wont stand alone

em C em A G D

D               em
I wont stand alone.

em C em A G D

D              em (hold)
I wont stand alone

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