Johnny Reid - You Still Own Me tab

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INTRO:  [G]   [D]   [G]   [C]  (x2)

I put a [G]for sale sign on the front of my truck
Said [D]call anytime 'cause I'm always up
Make an [C]offer, one that I [D]won't [Em]refu[D]se
I bought a [G]one way ticket on a westbound plane
[D]Four hours later I was wearing shades in Cali[C]fornia
Just [D]hang[Em]ing [D]loose

I didn't [C]pack one [G]memo[D]ry
And [C]even [G]though I'm [D]free

I can [G]go where I wanna go
[D/F#]Do what I wanna do
[Em]Be who I wanna be
But [D]ba[C]by, [Bm]   [C]you [D]still [Em]own [D]me

[G]Say what I wanna say
[D/F#]Hear what I wanna hear
[Em]Dream what I wanna dream
But [D]ba[C]by, [Bm]   [C]you [D]still [Em]own [D]me


I was [G]up all night cause I couldn't sleep
Instead of [D]staring at the ceiling I hit the beach
Took a [C]long walk, it didn't [D]help [Em]me [D]much
I sat [G]down in the sand with a handful of shells
Kicked [D]off my shoes while me myself and [C]I watched
The [D]sun [Em]come [D]up

Looking [C]out a[G]cross the [D]sea
It's [C]finally [G]dawned on [D]me


Maybe [D]I'm not in your arms (You [C]own me) [Bm]
But [Am]you still own my [C]heart [G]


[G]    [D/F#]  [Em]    [D]
[C]    [Bm]    [C]You  [D]still [Em]own  [D]    [G]me
[G]    [D]     [G]     [C]      [G]      [D]    [G]You still [C]own me

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