Joie De Vivre - Autumn In New London chords

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                             AUTUMN IN NEW LONDON - Joie De Vivre
Tabbed by: pwdftw

Tuning: Standard
Capo 1

You can play it without a capo, but it's a lot easier with one in my opinion. Play the 
Bsus4 like this: x24400
All chords are relative to the capo.

E A C#m Bsus4

E                       A
  For the first time in my life
          C#m                     Bsus4  E
I've been having dreams that I remember
And finding subtle differences
   C#m                Bsus4  E
to make these days go faster
And keeping you at arms length
      C#m          Bsus4  E
Isn't nearly far enough
             A                C#m
It's too late to burn your bridges
   Bsus4               E
Or hide in your new year
                  A            C#m
It can be cold and calculating
                    Bsus4        C#m
To an extent that I can't believe
Where should I go?
             A                B     C#m
Where I can be more than an excuse?
             B                A      B       E
Where can I go that wouldn't take me back to you?

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