Jolie Holland - Flood Of Dreams chords

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Jolie Holland - Flood of Dreams

I try to hear out the brigde later, sry...

Chords:F - C - F - C

Vers 1:

F           Am      Bm
Oh how can I stand aside
and watch all these colors fly
F                     Am
out of this world and into the next
my heart is on fire
    C                      F     Am
and Iím gettiní reckless oooooh ...

Am         Bm      
Loard the dream is slippin on
C          F
through my handís
are not made to hold
              Bm        C       F
this flood of dreams is taking control

When you were mine
the sky was so high
forest were green
and the stars were bright
Iíve got the road leading me off
gravity dissolves

  Am                   Bm
My home is floating on away
F                     Am
my dreams take to the road
as I try to stay afloat
in this flood
in this flood of dreams
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