Jon Allen - Last Orders chords

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Hi guys. Couldn't find any lyrics and chords out here on the internet, so tried to do it 
out myself. I'm not sure about certain parts of the lyrics, not being a native english 
speaker, so if you find a mistake, please let me know! :)

   D                 A        D
I love you till the dance is over
   D                G         D
I love you till the music dies
          G                               D
Till they tear down the stars from there after
                      A              D
Till they unhook the moon from the sky

   D               A        D
I love you till my words unravel
   D                 G        D
I love you till the clocks unwind
       G                       D
Till eternity is calling last orders
         D            A            D
In that place on the outskirts of time

  C                        G
Jukeboxes playin' love me tender
     Bb                        D
The king is singing sweet and low
        G          D
In your arms I surrender
         G          A
I'd be a fool if I let you go

   D             A            D
I love you till ten turns to silver
   D             G           D
I love you till jade turns to gold
      G                        D
Till every last rhyme has been written
     D        A           D
And even the new moon is old

        C                   G
The loneliness comes to my window
 Bb                       D
Sorrow's knocking on my door
G                        D
It don't mean nothing to me
G                               A
Cause I don't work for them anymore

D                A            D
I love you till death has no meaning
D                G         D
I love you till life is a dream
G                           D
Till all the cares ever we carried
   D              A             D
I float in like feathers downstream

D               A                 D
I love till the river climbs the mountain
D                G             D
I love you till fish rule the land
           G                       D
Till the mirror can't see our reflection
         D            A          D
And the bells of goodbye never sound
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