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Jon Allen - New Years Eve chords

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                             New Years Eve - Jon Allen
Tabbed by: Dirk Vissers

EADGBe capo on 2


G              Bm     C            G-C-G
i once loved a woman, maybe i never knew
G              Bm            Em 2x
it was just a few times, that weve met
Am              G    Bm            C
but she made em all, a line across my heart
G               Bm          C     G-C-G
i know now that she was dear to me

G                   Bm     C            G-C-G              
you know youll forget me, she told me with a smile
G                   Bm          Em 2x
i just laughed and told her, she was wrong
Am              G            Bm              C
stars were in her eyes and she looked so alive
G               Bm          C             G-C-G
when i held her hand in mine that evening


G              Bm           C            G-C-G
i guess i know my heart, a little better know
G              Bm     Em 2x
its easier to see, my mistake
Am        G        Bm             C
but i never do, like in a open book
G               Bm               C             G-C-G
the chance that slipped away under the moonlight

G           Bm           C            G-C-G
i saw her again, one rainswept new years eve
G              Bm     Em 2x
in a crowd another, on her own
Am               G        Bm             C
i was standing there, all i could do was stare
G               Bm          C         G-C-G
wished she looked away i still remember

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