Jon Allen - Luckie I Guess chords

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      A                                    A
Been beaten up and chewed on and spat out cold.
     A                             A
Short changed underpaid and over sold,
D                                              A
Some people say I’ve been the victim of my own success,
E                                    A
I can’t explain it I’m just lucky I guess

     A                                                 A
I played the game for what it was and got hung out to dry,
     A                                     A
They through me to the lions for telling a lie
D                                                             A
The way that people talk to you though, I could have hung for less
E                                         A
But don’t blame me boy I’m just lucky I guess

D                                 D
She backs me and I’ll build her a boat 
D                                       D
Throw me overboard and I swear that id float
D                                                       E
There’s nothing you can do to me that I haven’t done to myself

A                                                 A
I’ve been in the trenches with the pimps and the thefts.
     A                                            A
I’ve waded through the mud till it was up to my knees
D                                                 A
I’ve seen thing that would make the laughing cavalier depressed
E                                       A
But the way I see it I’m just lucky I guess

Break  A D A E A

A                                            A
I’ve meet every sweet talking judge in this town
A                                                 A
They never love it more than when there sending you down
D                                             A
Now I’m just another number doing time with the rest 
E                                     A
Me and my friends are just lucky I guess

D                                  D
I anit goanna cry no more tears anymore
D                                             D
There’s nothing you can show me I anit seen before
D                                             E
Down in the brown patch is where I was born and raised

A                                         A
 Been uptown in this-week’s great white hope 
A                                                 A
Ive been  strung along and always given just enough rope
D                                              A
I’ve done what I was told, done my best to please 
E                                            A
Now when they see me   they don’t ever lie to me
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