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Jon Lajoie - Alone In The Universe chords

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Capo 2nd Fret

Intro D G

           Verse 1

D                              G
We're floating in space on the edge of time
    D                G
In a universe that we can't define
D                        G
Billions of stars in the endless night
D                       G
Try and find purpose for our lives
D                          G
Yet we still take the time (still take the time)
D                             G
Yes we always take the time


n/c      D   G      D      G
To masturbate oohhh-ahh-ohh
To milk the snake
G                      D     G
Girls do the taco hand shake
I'm gonna hold my sausage hostage, tonight

               Verse 2
D                                 G
Whether you're English, French, Japanesse, or German
        D                       G
Whether you're at home or at a movie with Pee Wee Herman
D                        G
We all take matters into our own hands
     D                       G
With the five finger army we invade our pants
     D                  G
We'd all be doing time (yes we'd all be doing time)
D                  G
If it was a crime


  N/C    D    G       D      G
To Masterbate ooohhhh-ahh-ohh
To pull the hand brake
To play vagina dj
D                     A           G
Im gonna play ball on team penis, tonight

this is my first tab the chords i know for a fact are right but the switch might be off 
little leave feedback heres a link to whatch him play this version..its not the full 
but its all the same
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