Jon Lajoie - High As Fuck chords

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High as Fuck
Jon Lajoie

Capo 4th Fret

Pick the root note before playing the chord each time
Play Bridge normally
Listen to the song for his pick pattern
Also this guy made a useful vid

C/B = x20010

C  C/B  Am  G  F  G  C  C/B

C                     C/B          Am
Have you ever watched the sun go down?
And you're thinkin about the world spinning round
F                  G         C    C/B
Have you ever been high as fuck?

C                    C/B               Am
Your in the bathroom mirror talking to yourself
and your dog's looking at you like you need help
F                  G         C    C/B
Have you ever been high as fuck?

C                  C/B                 Am
Then you feel your heart pumpin really fast
And your convinced that your gonna have a heart attack
F                  G         C    C/B
have you ever been high as fuck

C                       C/B                 Am
you close your eyes and you're on a chicken farm
the only problems that the chickens have human arms
F                    G               C             C/B
you say thats fucked up , why do the chickens have human arms?

C                      C/B                Am
you need snacks so you walk to the corner store
but your scared because you think they will know your high
F                      G                  C    C/B
so you walk around the block to buy some time.

C               C/B             Am
You finally decide to go in the store
but your so high you don't know why your there anymore
F                         G                           C     C/B
so you just buy a pack of gum and get the hell out of there.

Am                 C/B           C    C/B
your walk home and your mouth is dry
you should have bought some juice and snacks
        C/B      C
but you were to high
Am           C/B     C     C/B
thinkin bout ketchup chips
Am                       C/B    C        C/B
and for some reason. the game battle ship.

and you start thinking about how fun it was to play games like battleship when you were kid
and then how as we get older we forget how to play,and just to enjoy our selves
so you say "guess what I'm gonna make up a game right now
and it involves a baseball bat and a porcupine.
and I'm Gonna try to kill a porcupine with the baseball bat"
but then you don't know where to find a porcupine
so you go on Ebay and you do a search
but people don't sell porcupines on the internet
and you say you know what world
you got me cornered again
I'm gonna roll another joint

C                    C/B          Am
you ever eat a whole bag of crackers
that were so old that they weren't crispy anymore?
F                  G       C
have you ever been high as fuck?
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