Jon Mclaughlin - The Middle chords

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Capo 4th Fret

[Verse 1]
G                       Bm7           C  
I've been around for a little over 20 years
         G          Bm7             C 
And to anyone who needs advice on getting here
 C                 E (opt. E7)     Am          D       G    Em     D
Don't ask me, the path i took was not exactly by the book, by the book

[Verse 2]
       G                     Bm7                C
I was too young to know and too dumb to figure out
      G               Bm7                 C 
That you can lose yourself in all this traveling around
          C               E (opt. E7) Am                 D       G
When you reach a point of no return losing touch with lessons learned, 
Em         D
lessons learned

[Bridge 1]
C                D                G         B
Let me tell you now where i went wrong
C              D            Em            Fmaj7        F
Hollywood is just another place i don't belong

                  G                        D
Let's go to the middle where time stands still
            Em    D            C
Let's get lost       in those hills
                G                D
Live a little closer to what is true
        Em   D           C
I'll be me     and you be you

[Same as Verse 1]

I'm finding out the ways of this world
Can be overcome with one boy's love for just one girl
And the only way to love yourself is to give your love to someone else, someone else

[Same as Bridge 1]
Don't believe in everything you hear
Growing up is more than just living through the years


I'm disappointed in myself
    D                      G
I left you on a shelf that i could never reach
     E/G#     E         E7
I practiced what you'd always preached against
Am                           D
   But now i'm back in my defense
                       G                 Em               D
That black and white world we tried to paint is really gray

       C             D                 G         B
So it took a little time to get this right
      C             D             Em            Fmaj7        F
The guilty and the innocent are always side by side

       Em  D        C
I'll be me,   you be you [repeat several times]
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