Jonas Brothers - Fall chords

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                          Fall Ė Jonas Brothers

Not too convinced that the chords are aligned perfectly with the lyrics.
But, I think you should be able to figure out the timings quite easily.
Not too sure that the chords on the last few lines are right tbh.
Leave a comment, if you have any corrections :D

P.S. I think Nick plays this song in DADGAD, to make it easier, but this is
in standard tuning.

D  A  G  Bm  A

F#m  G    A     F#m G    A
    On the edge, of somethiní real 
F#m    G    A              F#m   G        A
    I have a choice, but I donít know what to feel
F#m G    A          F#m  G    A
     Getting tired, of all this fear
F#m   G     A              F#m  G             A
    Before I choose, let me know that you'll be here
Let me know that you'll be here

       D                      A                           G
'Cause I'm, I'm not afraid to fall, if youíre the one who catches me
Bm             A                   D                    A
Tell me that you'll be there, when I'm about to lose it all
                          G                  Bm              A       D
ĎCause you're the one who helps me see, that sometimes itís okay to fall
                          A                       G
When Iím about to lose it all, youíre the one who helps me see
     Bm             A     Bm         A
That sometimes itís okay, it will be okay
Bm                     A
Sometimes itís okay to fall, Iím gonna fall
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