Jonas Brothers - Critical chords

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By(Nick Jonas)

Capo 1

D                        Am                C                           
There's a storm coming up   and i gotta prepare myself
           Em                   G             D  
'Cause this  feeling's getting stronger everyday
D                    Am                      C         G
Sometimes's creeping   inside, Everything is about to change
      Em                  G              D
Gotta  face the fact that  i can't walk away

        G      D        A               
This is criti-cal, i'm feeling helpless
    G       D          A
So hyster-ical, and it  can't be healthy
G                                D
I can't eat or sleep when you're  not with me
Baby, you're the air i breathe
        G      D    A                         D
This is criti-cal, yeahhh, So stuck on you

Used to have everything figured out
         Am        C             Em                    
But it's different now, When you came, you saw
   G              D 
You conquered my heart

It's your laugh and your smile
                Am       C   
Wanna saty for a little while
I don't wanna go
           G          D   
I just want you in my arms

G               D
Used to run and hide
             A       Em
Used to back  out of love
G                       D                   
But I can't escape this time
Ohhh nooooo
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