Jonas Brothers - Make It Right chords

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Just listen to the song and you'll know when to play the fingerpicking and when the chords (:

G  D  C 2x's

G                D            C
You say you'll know when you really find the one
G                D            C
But it's hard to tell With the damage that's been done        
G                D            C
But id like to say that it's your fault but I know better
Am          G            C
Cuz' I'm a fool to think you'll wait around forever

G       D         C
Maybe I Could have loved you
G       D         C
Maybe I could have shown
    G                D         C 
That I still do care about you more than you could know
Am                G         D
Don't say it's to late to try

To make it right

G  D  C 2x's

G                D            C
I didnt know how good you were for me
G                D            C
now its clear, i'm seeing all that we can be
G                D            C
all I know is that its my fault, but i'm gonna treat you better
Am       G                C
cause if i'd had one wish you'd be with me forever


C                          G
is there something I could say 
D                       G
show me how to break it down
C                  G
so before you walk away
take the time to turn around
Listen to me now......

Chorus 2x

By: Sejawal
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