Jonathan Coulton - Dissolve chords

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A:          x02220
Asus4:     x02230
Bb:         x13331
Bbmaj7:    x13231
Bm:         x24432
C:          x32010
C7:         x32310
D:          xx0232
F:          133211
G:          320033
Em7:       022033
Gmaj7/F#:  2x0023

On the day she finally left me
         C7           F
She left one thing behind
Just a small box on the table
          C7           F
That she wanted me to find
            Bb             F
There was something bad inside it
          Bb              A
It was something that I should have left alone

     D              Em7     Gmaj7/F# 
Now everything is standing still
        G        D       Bm         A     Asus4  A
It was only my head that made it revolve
 D              Em7     Gmaj7/F#  
Everything was fine until 
        G         Bbmaj7   C          F
it was awful instead now watch me dissolve

I was mine now, something secret
            C7          F
Something precious and rare
And then it changed me, and I liked it
       C7             F
Now I wish it wasn't there
           Bb          F
Would you cancel my appointments
        Bb               A
Pretty sure I won't be coming in today

Chorus x2

It's too late to say I'm sorry
    C7           F
Anyway it's not true
There's a small box on the table
       C7                F
And I left it there for you
        Bb             F
And I really hope you like it
        Bb             A
If you need me I'll be anywhere but here

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