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Jonathan Coulton - Blue Sunny chords

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Just wanted to add to the collection. Thanks to suuuupaadave NyksWyldMynd and Paradoxia.

Capo II

G13 Chord Figure


A        x02220
G/B      x20000
C        x32010
G        3x0033
Am       x02210
E        022100
F/C      x33211
Bm7b5    x23231 (thumb on A string) or x20231 or x2323x
A        x02220
Bm/A     x04430
C#m/A    x06650
D/A      x07770
Dm7      xx0211
C(alt)   x32013  
Dm7(alt) xx0565
Amaj7    x02120
A7sus2   x05450
D        xx0232
Am7      x02010
D9       xx0210
D7       xx0212
B7       x21202
Cadd9    x3203x
Bm11b5   x23230

A G/B (Lead In)

C                 G
Early light that burns my eyes,
  Am              E
A minute more the sun will rise
    F/C                   C               G13 (Figure)
And paint the bright blue sky with yellow gold
C               G        
I'll be dead asleep by then,
Am              E 
Shut up in this box again
  Bm7b5    E
Until it's gone
Bm7b5   E            
Outside I can hear it
A                  Bm/A              C#m/A      D/A            
Birds are singing, bees are buzzing, sun shines overhead
A               Bm/A         C#m/A            D/A  A G/B
I'd be there to see it but I can't get out of bed
C                 Dm7              C(alt)            Dm7(alt)
Since the day you left the weather always feels this way
         Amaj7 A7sus2 D  Bm7b5
One more blue sunny day

Verse 2

A G/B (Lead In)

C                G
Looking for an easy mark
  Am              E
I hit the Denny's after dark
   F/C           C                G13(Figure)
To take a lonely waitress home to drink,
C                  G
She's sincere, but halfway through
  Am               E
I find I'm wishing she was you
   Bm7b5      E
My blood goes cold
  Bm7b5      E
I guess this date is over
A             Bm/A          C#m/A     D/A
Several hours later I'm the only one awake
A                     Bm/A             C#m/A        D/A   A G/B (Lead In)
All these streets are empty, it's just me and my mistake
C              Dm7             C(alt)             Dm7(alt)
One by one the stars go out as black sky turns to gray
         Amaj7 A7sus2 D  Bm7b5
One more blue sunny day


Bm7b5                      Amaj7
Sometimes I see how long I can wait
Am7                     D9
Tempting disaster by my garden gate
Bm7b5                    Amaj7
My trembling hand on the cellar door
Am7           D7       B7             E
Trying not to think of what it is I'm waiting for


|F/C  |F/C |C  |Cadd9 |Dm7 |E  |

|A Bm/A|C#m/A A G/B (Lead In) |

Verse 3

C                G
All at once I've had enough
   Am              E
As if I'm made of sterner stuff
  F/C               C           G13 (figure)
I take a breath and open up the door
C                    G
Dawn breaks hard and falls on me
    Am              E
For just one moment I can see
    Bm7b5     E
The pale blue sky
  Bm7b5    E
I close my eyes because
    A                     Bm/A        C#m/A        D/A  
The world's so bright and beautiful I have to look away
A                  Bm/A       C#m/A          D/A  A G/B (Lead In)
Braced against the beauty of another perfect day
C          Dm7            C(alt)          Dm7(alt)
As I go to pieces and the breeze blows me away
         Amaj7 A7sus2 D  Bm11b5
One more blue sunny day
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