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Jonathan David Helser - Ive Seen I Am chords

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Jonathan David Helser

I've Seen I AM
From "The Awakening"
Tabbed by thechadmiller (Twitter)

This is played with a partial capo on the second fret. The partial capo holds
down the A-D-G strings. JDH uses this on a LOT of his songs. I put the chord
shapes below.

Partial Capo 2
Verse 1
G                 D/F#       G      D/F#
I looked into the eyes of a lion
Felt the courage in his gaze
I heard him roar my name with passion
     Em                    C     Dsus7…||: G // D/F# // :||
As I buried my tears in his mane

Verse 2
I looked into the eyes of a lamb
I saw love face to face
I felt grace destroy my sin 
                             Esus7…to “chorus 1”
As mercy flowed from his veins

G         D/F#  Em             C       G  D/F#  Em  C
I've seen I AM, now I know that I am loved
G         D/F#  Em           ||: G // D/F# // :||
I've seen I AM, now I know who I am

Verse 3
I looked into the eyes of a king
I saw the beauty of holiness
I heard the voice of many waters
As worship poured from my lips

Verse 4
I looked into the eyes of a savior
I saw a love stronger than death
I kissed the scars that bought my freedom
As I laid my head on his chest


Chord shapes (relative to the capo)
    G    D/F#   Em    C   Dsus7  Esus7

For the verses, he is hammering on the E string from the open position. The
reason you mute the E string on the E chords is bc of the partial capo.

If you have any input or corrections, hit me up on twitter and also let me 
know if you have any other songs you need help with. God bless!
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