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Jones George - Dont Send Me No Angels tab

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From: (Daniel B. Nicholas)
Subject: CRD:  George Jones   Don't Send Me No Angels
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 1996 19:36:23 GMT
Organization: Synapse Internet []
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From the CD  Walls Can Fall
Submitted by: Daniel B. Nicholas

Don't Send Me No Angels

G                                  C         G
When the storm clouds gather & I'm losing my mind
She stands right beside me she lights up my day
          G                      C                 G
She's the one thing I found in a world that's gone wrong
                                   D               G
She's the words & the music to the world's finest song

         C                       C
CHO...   Lord let me keep her at least for a while
         I promise I'll love her 'till I've walked my last mile
                     G                              C        G
         When your trumpets are sounding & you've played my song
                                  D                  G    D    C
         Don't send me no angels 'cause I've got my own

G                                             C           G
She stayed with me thru the hard times that's still goin' on
That old feeling between us it's still comming on strong
        G                        C              G
When my eyes close forever & my last breath is gone
                          D                G
Don't send me no angels 'cause I've got my own


                         D                 G     D    C    G
Don't send me no angels 'cause I've got my own

Boy is that tear jerker :)
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