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Joni Mitchell - Judgment Of The Moon And Stars tab

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Judgment of the Moon & Stars (Ludwig’s Tune)
by Joni Mitchell
Tabbed by Robin Young

A:      X02220
A/D:    XX0220
A/G:    3X022X
Amaj7:  X02120
B:      X24442 Bm:     X24432 Bm7:    X24232 C/G:    33201X
Cmaj7:  X32000
D:      XX0232
D/G:    300232 E:      022100
E/A:    X02100
E/B:    X22100
E/F#:   2X2100
Esus4:  02222X
Ebsus4: 02222X
F#:     244322 F#m:    244222 F#m7:   24222X G:      32002X
Gsus2:  3X02X3
Gmaj7:  3X0432 G#m7:   464444 D – A/DD/GE/A
No tongue in the bell and the fish wives yell,
    E/A   F#m7                        E/F#
But they       might as well be mute.
       D/G                      Bm7
So you get to keep the pictures,
     Cmaj7           A    E/A
That don’t seem like much.

           F#m             E
Cold white keys under your fingers,
                     Amaj7                        G
Now you’re thinkin’,       “That’s no substitute,
D/G               Gmaj7             D
    It just don’t do    it like the song
   A/D                      B                   A  G#m7  F#
Of a   warm, warm body lov- - ing your touch.”

In the court they carve your legend
With an apple in its jaw
And the women you wanted
They get their laughs

Long silk stockings on the bedposts of refinement
You’re too raw
They think you’re too raw
It’s the judgment of the moon and stars
Your solitary path
B                  A    E/A
   Draw yourself a bath
G#m7                          F#
Think what you’d like to have
For supper, or take a walk
          E              D/G
A park, A bridge, A tree,    A river

   D      A/D         A
Re-voked, but not yet cancelled
    G    D/G  Gmaj7    D        A/D
The gift goes on,   in si-lence
          F#m7      B
In a bell      jar,   still the song.


ED/GF#m7E - Bm7



You’ve got to shake your fists at lightning now
You’ve got to roar like a forest fire
You’ve got to spread your light like blazes
All across the sky

They’re gonna aim the hoses on you
Show them you won’t expire
Not till you burn up every passion
Not even when you die

Come on now
You’ve got to try
If you’re feeling contempt
Well, then you tell it
If you’re tired of the silent night
Jesus, well, then you yell it

Condemned to wires and hammers
Strike every chord that you feel
That broken trees and elephant ivories conceal

AG#m7F# - A - E/AE
Gsus2A/G - Gsus2A/GGsus2A/GGsus2
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