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Jonny Corndawg - Night Rider chords

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G             Em
Ride on night rider 
Am            D (etc)
roll into the night 
you ain't no daily driver
and you don't take advice 
creep on night creeper
bounce between the lanes
let the white line be your guider
in the still driving rain
take a rest if you're tired
sleep if you need
just recline your recliner 
and steer with your knees 

Bm               C
all alone on the highway
G                        D   (etc)
there's no other kind of life 
with which a night ridden' loner 
would rather waste his time, tiiime

Ride on night rider 
go on and take your rest 
lay it down on the highway 
and let it roll off your chest 
yell to keep yourself from sleeping 
or just trust in the road 
understand the spirit of the highway 
won't let you lose control 


Ride on night rider 
roll your iron steed 
jamming gears and kicking tires 
have always been your dream 
so fill your stomach with garbage 
and sit down for days on end 
drinking gallons of coffee 
and wishing that you only had a friend 

(play like the chorus)
but you're alone on the highway 
and you know how time can crawl 
so thank God for Billy Joe Shaver 
and Tom T. Hall
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