Jonny Craig - Children Of Divorce chords

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The other tab for this song are good but have a few flaws. This tab is 100% 
correct. I've watched a bunch of live videos and this is how the guitarist in each 
one plays it. Also, the Raised C... I didn't know what else to call it. It's 
basically a C chord moved to the right 2 frets.

                                 Jonny Craig
                              Children of Divorce      
                                Standard Tuning 

These are the chords you will need to know:
 Em  Cadd9 G  D/G  C  Raised C  Am

Em                Cadd9               G
And back to these cold shitty days in Portland, 
            D/G                    Em
Wishing I'd never come across your face, 
              Cadd9              G
Laying by the memories of things unspoken, 
          D/G                    Em
Scared by thoughts of your father, 
                      Cadd9         G
Made me look over the flaws of your nature.
               D/G                    Em
Laying on your back became your only escape.
             Cadd9                 G
You feel so old, used, but not yet broken, 
          D/G                   C
Enough to think you have it all together.
        Raised C
I never planned to give you your burdens.
C                   Raised C
But this child was a mistake.

G               D/G                       Am
I knew from the moment I stepped off that plane, 
We had no future.
G             D/G                  Am
How come your dreams are always so bitter?
And who knows, 
          G      D/G   
Maybe one day, 
   Am     C      Raised C        
She will know my name.

Verse 2:
Em        Cadd9              G
You still return to the same skylines,
 D/G           Em
That leave you broken.
Cadd9                         G
Cheap talks with even cheaper company.
          D/G               Em
Keeps the days turning into nights.
    Cadd9  G    D/G             Em
You lay awake crying cause your child, 
  Cadd9    G
Carries my name, 
      D/G                               C
While I regret ever making you apart of my life.
     Raised C
Sadly enough, 
This song's not to hurt you, 
                 Raised C       G
Just to show the world that I'm free.

                D/G                       Am
I knew from the moment I stepped off that plane, 
   C        G
We had no future.
              D/G                  Am
How come your dreams are always so bitter?.
And who knows, 
          G    D/G   Am
Maybe one day, 
         C       G    D/G   Am
She will know my name.
She will know.
Raised C    Em
She will know.
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