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Save Your Day
Chords and Lyrics
Song By: Jose Gonzalez
Credit to: Arto Schürch for Original Chords
By: A. Parker

Album recording is not capo'd.

Tuning Note: 
Detune E to match open low Ds. 
Fret high e at 2 and detune G to match open F#.

Don't bother with stuff in brackets until you're ready to.  

Chords aren't named conventionally. Each one references the string and fret of the 
root. Pay attention to the chord guide.

A5-4-5-0- is the hammer on sequence that leads to the second half of the progression. 


    D0    D4    D2    A4    A5    D5            
e |-(0)-|--0--|--0--|-(0)-|--0--|--0--|       
B |--3--|--3--|--3--|-(3)-|-(3)-|-(3)-|       
D |--0--|--4--|--2--|--0--|--0--|--5--|       
A |--0--|-----|-----|--4--|--5--|--5--|       
D |--0--|-----|-----|-----|-----|--5--|       


[D0    D4  D2  A4  |A5    A5  A5-4-5-0-|      
|D5                |D5                 ]


D0           D4                        D2      A4
    Poke the body with a stick roll it down

  A4        A5             (A5-A5-4-5-0-)        D5
Ignore the moaning as it tumbles to the ground

   D5                         D5
Be brave and save your day


D0             D4                           D2   A4
 These days're cold. Numbers rule I've been told
    A4         A5        (A5-A5-4-5-0-)        D5
The pattern is clear better fit in the mould
   D5                           D5
Be brave and save your day


|D0    D4  D2  A4  |A5    A5  A5-4-5-0-|      
|D5                |D5                 |


D0            D4                         D2     A4
  To cough up sympathy isn't hard but it costs
    A4                 A5        (A5 A5-4-5-0-)            D5
Hold tight to your lifesavings You have to do what you must
   D5                D5
To save your day

D0             D4                    D2     A4
   So poke the body and roll it     down
    A4          A5     (A5 A5-4-5-0-)     D5
The grave looks cold but we're still young 
We're still young 


  D7    A4     D5    D0
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