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Joseph Arthur - Porcupine tab

Artist: Joseph Arthur
Song: Porcupine
Album: Big City Secrets
Tuning: EADGBe

This tab has been made from a live version. As usual, Joseph adds hammer on all along 
song. I added a few ones, you can either play them or not or add some more anywhere you 
Follow your inspiration.

Part I


        A porcupine
        Crawling out from inside of your mind
        Like you growing a crown of...
     ...thorns oh oh oh oh
        But you're no messiah
        Your think more like a spider
        Cause guilty hearts beat upside...
     ...down oh oh oh oh

        Silver hubcaps replaced your eyes
        As you went spinning on a daydream...
     ...down oh oh oh oh
        Forgiving the road every inch for miles
        If your tyres survive
        You know your heart will explode
        Oh oh oh oh

Part II


        And if this song was a sponge soaked in your blood well then I guess the story 
be told
        A fateful day you became a spider as I fed you blood from my nose

        Now you're just like me oh ooh oh oh ooh oh ooh yeah
        Now you're just like me oh ooh oh oh ooh oh ooh yeah

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