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Josh Abbott Band - Ill Sign About Mine chords

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Capo 3

Standard Tuning

      G                               C   G
In my hometown, population just a few thousand 
                        Em             C                       G
All of them kids at the drive-in after Friday night's football game
           G                                          C     G
That's the same place where mom and dad went on their first date
                           Em             C                 G 
They had the same burger I just ate, man, some things never change
D                                   G
That's what made me who I am today, gave me a milion songs to play
             Em                            A     Asus4 A
And when the radio's on, I just don't understand

        C                       G
Because tractors ain't sexy and working is hard
    D                      Em
For small town people like me 
        C                    G 
And the radio is full of the rich folks 
              D                    Em
Singing about places they've never seen
    Am                           G
And I ain't saying that they're lives ain't hard
    D                         A7
I'd love to hear about it sometime
                              C         D
But let them sing about their own life
And I'll sing about mine

I'm not complaining, runnin' my mouth like an old man
Talking about the world that's changing and how its given up on me
I'm just saying down at Nicks on the weekend
The small town anthems that they're singin', don't sound like the what you see
When you talk about the Dairy Queen, pick up trucks and Springstein
They make the place I love sound like a bad cartoon


If you want a song about
A place like my hometown
Take a weekend and come on down 
It won't a long to see


Credit to Larry Mofle
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