Josh Abbott Band - She Will Be Free chords

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She Will Be Free
By Josh Abbott Band
Tabbed by Larry Mofle

Drop D tuning

This world is far from small
And her heart is the center of it allai
              D          Bm                 Asus2es
And there's a river that runs through hills, and it's never stillu,-

Listen closely to the sky
And it'll show you how to dot life's i's.
D                          Bm                  Asus2
And don't be afraid if the girl decides to run, It's half of the fun

    D           A              Bm              Bm/A        G
And she will be free, like the leaves floating in the wind and the stream
D               A         Bm            Bm/A     G 
She will not be bound, by anything that tries to drag her down
        Bm            A              D
Oh, and all that girl wants to be is loved
        Bm         A           D 
And her heart is a river in my blood

I met her under the summer sun
She taught me things, that I have yet to learn
Showed me beauty, of passion and grace and so many things

When I look into her eyes, I grow still
How else can I process all these things I feel
And when she smiles, Lord, she knows that shes won and I come undone


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