Josh Boling - Thats Why We Sing chords

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Verse 1
C#m7     B               A2
When I think about Your mercy
C#m7        B               A2
And I'm overwhelmed by Your grace
C#m7          B              A2
That's when I come into Your presence Lord
C#m7       B              A2
I lift my arms for Your embrace

              E                   B
That's why we sing, that's why we praise
That's why we lift our hands up
              E                   B
That's why we come, that's why we love
That's why we offer up our lives (2x's) before you
(Last time) Willing to conform be holy

Verse 2
C#m7     B               A2
When I think about Your Spirit
C#m7           B          A2
And all You've given unto me
C#m7        B               A2
I'm humbled by Your awesome power
C#m7     B                  A2
I lay my crown down at Your feet

        B             A2
Take my life I lay it down
        B            A2
Take my will turn me around
        B               A2
to Your way and to Your plan
             B             A2
Show me Your glory take my hand
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