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Josh Garrels - Freedom chords

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by Josh Garrels

Based on the version on the 'Seven Stars' DVD.
Chords, lyrics, and mutterings as interpreted by N.G. Martin


Note on chords:
In the Seven Stars DVD, Josh plays this with Capo 2, *applying the capo to the top 5
strings only.*
Leave the low E string open, so that the fretboard looks like this:

 E ||-----|-|C|-|-----|-----...
 B ||-----|-|A|-|-----|-----...
 G ||-----|-|P|-|-----|-----...
 D ||-----|-|O|-|-----|-----...
 A ||-----|-|_|-|-----|-----...
 E ||-----|-----|-----|-----...
Frets:1st   2nd   3rd  4th...

Thanks to Matt Saylor for helping me out with this.
With the partial capo 2 applied, then, the chord progression thouhgout is a stripped-down
        D -> G

The individual notes for the hammer sequence that returns into D are
        C# -> D -> F# -> D -> E

Note on lyrics:
Josh Garrels' vocal nuances are subtle, and even the actual "lyrics" of this song change
from one performance/recording to another.  Trying to precisely reproduce the various
non-word intonations, therefore, is like chasing the wind. I wanted this interpretation 
to as complete as possible, so I decided to try anyway... but it's a gross approximation
only. Your mileage will certainly vary.

Division of this song into sets of clean stanzas is tough, so I've done it more or less
by the length of the pause between lines.

OK, enough qualifications.


Mhmm... yea!
Mhmm... ey-yeah-ey yeah yeah yeah mm... mhmm

Mhmm... mhmm...
Mhmm... yea! yeah
Mhmm... ey-yeah-ey yeah yeah mm mm, mhm

Hey, yea-yea, yeah-eh-yeah-eh, yeah-eh-yeah-eh
Hey hey-yea-eh yeah, mhmm

Professional or beginner doesnt matter
Every sinner is a prisoner in a body that is subject to time
Now my entwined mind tries to form a straight line
not like twised scoliosis of the spinal chord

Cross eyed carpenters are cuttin' crooked lines
Can't construct
man-made shrines when the winds and the water move the sands of time

Many minds on a deadline, yet live life like a live wire
I'm not tired!
Of blood and fire
Spirit's moving higher than the green grass ever lifted me

Spirit's moving higher...
Than anything else ever lifted you
Mm, see

We got spirituality
It's living in us like one in three
Injustice is concerning me
in the non-linear eternity
I'm speaking paradoxically
but you can nod your head now when you understand me-e-e-ee...

This is for my free men
whose backs wont bend in the lions den
now with their eyes on the ending

This is for my free women!
They fight with thier love
The bearers of our children

Free men whose backs wont bend in the lions den
now with their eyes on the ending

This is for my free women
They fight with thier love
The bearers of our children

We shine like lights exposing
what lies underneath decomposing
Unearth those chains that are rusted
Oh sweet Lord, is that what i trusted in?
That sin? That tomfoolery?  Ugh!
What it is is mental jewelery that I adorned myself with

The enemy's gifts, the man-made myths, the ignorant bliss
of marijuana spliffs and alchoholic fifths
I got so sick and tired of it

Delivered and redeemed
by christ i mean
It's time to start livin'
and get a reason for the rhyme

I dont wanna be dead-wrong on the deadline
Standing on the dark side and all out of time...
Like a blind pantomime's fantasize
climb up his own ladder to the sunshine

Nothin's mine
that hasn't been given
No one's alive here
that hasn't been risen
For 19 years i was trapped in a prison

Feeding my escape by means of derision
but every man-made attempt just failed
when trapped in a jail
of my own guilt shame and iniquity

I was looking for freedom
How'd I find freedom?

Oh!  Oh, freedom...
from all of this

He said believe
He said believe

Who are you telling me to belei-e-eve... yea
'Said I'm the Christ

...he said I'm the Christ

So I believed.


Mhmm... yea
Mhmm... ey!
Mhmm... ey-yeah-ey yeah yeah yeah eh, mhmm

Mhmm... Hey! No, no no
Mhmm... yea!
Mhmm... Yea ey-yeah-ey yeah yeah mhm,

Nah na-na-nah
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