Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up chords

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*These are not the completely traditional chords, but I think it's pretty this way*

Verse 1 (Verse 2 uses same chords)

          C         F                C
When I am down, and oh, my soul's so weary,
              Em        F        C        Dm  G
When troubles come, and my heart burdened be,

          Am        F                C  Em  Am
Then I am still and wait here in the shadows,

  F       C/G  A     G7              Csus   C
Until You come   and sit awhile with me.


             Am     F              C
You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains.

             Am    F        C/E    Dm   G
You raise me up to walk the stormy seas.

     Am          F            C   Em
I am strong when I am on Your Shoulder.

Am     F        C/G  A     G7              Csus  C
   You raise me up      to more than I can be.
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