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Josh Pyke - Candle In Your Window chords

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Artist: Josh Pyke
Song: Candle In Your Window
Album: Chimneys Afire
Tabbed By: J Goddard (

D#         F                C    
   My body bends, your body bows
   G#            D#
We double then unfurl
   F    C
Oh we unfold

D#            F              C
   Then I collapse into your bones
Though when courage leaves me
  D#        F     C       
I still collapse alone

   D#      G      A#      D  D#   
So light a candle in your window
D#      G      A#       D    D#
Iíll be hiding till the sun goes 
D#       G       A#     D            D#      C
Down and if that candle still lights up your window
Iíll climb on up to you

D#            F                C
   To our own accidents were prone
  G#             D#     F      C
So I will let my fate remain unknown

D#                 F             C
   And out on this battlefield I know
Iím all arms and elbows
      D#                F        C                
Still fighting back the beaks of crows

                D#    F     C
One day I might not exist I know
        G#             D#    F   C 
But the candle in your window
      G#                 D#    F        
Still finds the light in every night
            G                               G#
And Iíll be searching for your glow after I go 

Repeat the chorus and fade out

And thats it! I checked it all against the actual track and it all seems pretty 
accurate. Any problems/ questions/ comments, e-mail me on the address above.

Thanks :)
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