Josh Pyke - The Beginning And The End Of Everything chords

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C#m B           E     A
Too many wolves in my ears
            A/Ab               C#m        B
They try to hide their teeth behind them lips
     E                A               A/Ab
The lips that turn a smile to a sneer

   C#m   B                E     A
Oh to be weightless in an atmosphere
      A/Ab        C#m
More suited to my frame
      B      E              A           A/Ab
Cause I feel heavy when I'm here, ah-ah-ah-ah


And at times we all may feel we're
C#m  E* A
Lost in orbit like
Forgotten satellites
B                            C#m  E*    A
Never drawing nearer to that brilliant sun
We're all
Just hanging around
B                     C#m  E*
But every idea exists somewhere
A                 F#m
In the ether to be found


          E                      B        A
And so I keep this locked in my chest at night
And when I wake in the morning
        B            A
I will wait for the lightning strike
                B               C#m     A
But you're the only song I ever want to sing
E                             B      F#m
You are the beginning and the end of everything

C#m  B           E     A 
Too many pebbles in my shoes
They make it hard to walk a straight line
B         E             A
Tightrope balancing the point of me
Against the point of you
            B               E       A
It's like a question with a million clues
Each one should lead me back to you
    B    E              A
Instead another question blooms ah-ah-ah-ah




B A x2
B A A/Ab F#m

E                                    A
You are the beginning and the end of everything
    E                                    A
And you are the beginning and the end of everything

Outro Chorus fade out when you feel like it :)
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