Josh Ritter - Idaho tab

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-Josh Ritter-
Tuned Whole Step Down: D-G-C-F-A-D
Chords still formed the same.

All that love all those mistakes 
What else can a poor man make? 
So I gave up a life of crime 
I gave it to a friend of mine 
Something else was on my mind 
The only ghost I'm haunted by 
I hear her howling down below 
C            G
Idaho, oh Idaho

Wolves oh wolves oh canšt you see? 
Ain't no wolf can sing like me 
And if it could then I suppose 
He belongs in Idaho 
Packs of dogs and cigarettes 
For those who ain't done packing yet 
My clothes are packed and I want to go 
Idaho, oh Idaho

Out at sea for seven years 
I got your letter in Tangier
Thought that I'd been on a boat 
'Til that single word you wrote 
That single word it landlocked me 
Turned the masts to cedar trees 
And the wind to gravel roads 
Idaho, oh Idaho 

Turned the wind to gravel roads 
Idaho, oh Idaho 
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