Josh Ritter - Good Man chords

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lovely song to play, lovely song to sing. 
only three chords, no capo, standard tuning. 
chords are as described. hope this helps someone out there. :)

E      (0,12,9,9,0,0)

E                                 B(add4)
These chords are old but we shake hands 
A(add9)                           B(add4)
'Cause I believe that they're the good guys
E                          B(add4)                 
We can use all the help we can
A(add9)        B(add4)                                     
 So many minor chords outside 
E                       B(add4)                      
I fell in love with the sound
A(add9)             B(add4)                                
Oh I love to sing a-long with you
E                       B(add4)                      
We got tunes we kicked a round some
A(add9)                  B(add4)                   
We got a bucket that the tunes go through

E                      B(add4) A(add9)                             
Babe   we   both   had   dry   spells, 
     B(add4)         E                               
hard times  in  bad  lands
     B(add4)  A(add9)                                     
I'm a good man,   for ya, 

I'm a good man 

E | B(add4) | A(add9) | B(add4) 
E | B(add4) | A(add9) | B(add4)

Last night there was a horse in the road
I was twisting in the hairpin
My hands held on my mind let go
And back to you my heart went skipping
I found the inside of the road
Thought about the first time that I met you 
All those glances that we stole 
Sometimes, if you want them then you've got to

They shot a Western south of here
They had him cornered in a canyon 
And even his horse had disappeared
They said it got run down by a bad, bad man 
You're not a good shot but I'm worse 
And there's so much where we ain't been yet 
So swing up on this little horse 
The only thing we'll hit is sunset

Babe we both had dry spells, 
hard times in bad lands
I'm a good man 
for ya, I'm a good man
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