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Josh Royse - White Pills tab

Josh Royse
White Pills

Standard Tuning
Capo 5th fret

Josh Royse Website:

I've only seen this guy on YouTube, but he's really good and I thought I'd tab this 
If you want to watch the video, here's the URL :
This is my first tab, so I used the video to help me...but if I got anything wrong, I 
my e-mail address at the bottom if you want to contact me. Or, of course, you could tell 
how much this tab kicks ass? Either way, just e-mail me.

s - slide

Intro (Picking):

  (C)                      (Cmaj7)
-------2------2------------2------2----------------------2s3s2-0------|  x2

Verse: (Strumming)

C                          F
 I took a lighter to our photos
C                          F       - Played like this throughout the verse
 Deleted your account so I won't know.....

C                Dm9
Baby is it that easy
for you to leave me by myself
with my pills stocked in the shelf?
I am taking,
All of my white pills.
Ill make my heart stand still but I wonder
Will you even cry for me?

Repeat Intro, then verse, then chorus twice


C    F, play Intro once more, then C with 3 on the e string
0    1                             3
1    1                             1
0    2                             0
2    3                             2
3    3                             3
-    1                             0

Like I said, it's my first tab, so there are probably some mistakes. If you want to send 
some FRIENDLY, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, e-mail me at Thanks!
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