Joshua James - Doctor Oh Doctor chords

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Capo 3

C                       F               C
Doctor, oh doctor, please bring me my wine
C                                             G       G7
All the nights to remember are getting harder to find
                 Am                              F G C
And more words serve confusion to each corner of my mind
C                    G
Baby, call me up when you get some time

C                       F               C
Emma, dearest Emma, please have patience with me sweet
C                                                           G     G7
I know the road seems forever, but in time our hearts will meet
                 Am                             F G C
And we'll dance across the crystal floor, into our love retreat
C                    G
There's nothing in this world that could ever mean more to me

    F             G                 Am
So I'll stay with you until the morning
    F              G                  Am
When the golden sun shades the moon
    F          E7             Am     G       F
And when the black disease eats away both you and me
   F            G               C
Babe, I'm gonna live and die right next to you

C                       F               C
Mother, my companion, please remember what I said
C                                               G     G7
I know my words they might confuse you, floating up inside your head
                 Am                                  F G C
And though you paint your house bright blue, and I paint my house red
C                    G
There's always middle ground on which to stand

C                       F               C
Father my protector, please watch over and keep me safe
C                                              G    G7
And if you get discouraged about this son you have raised
                 Am                                    F G C
Don't you dwell on the past of your life's revolving stage
C                    G
The love that you've taught will forever in my heart remain

           F             G         Am
So I'll pray with you until the Lord comes
           F      G            Am
The Golden Priest on his steed
   F          E7             Am     G       F
And when the day arrives that the angels take your life
          F                    G               Am
If there is a heaven won't you send me down a sign?
          F                    G                 F
If there is a heaven I will meet you on the other side

outro:  F E7 Am G F C
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