Journey - Once You Love Somebody tab

e |--------------------------------------------------|
b |--------------------------------------------------|
g |--------------------------------------------------|
d |0h2---0-0h2------0-----------------0-0h2--0-------|
a |--------------0h2-------------0-0h2---------2-0---|
E |-------------------0----000h3---------------------|

Then near the end of the song

e |---------------------|
b |---------------------|
g |---------------------|   x 3
d |0h2---0-0h2------0---|
a |--------------0h2----|
E |-------------------0-|

At the end of the third time play:

e |-------------------------|
b |-------------------------|
g |-------------------------|
d |-----------0-0h2--0------|
a |------0-0h2---------2-0--|
E |000h3--------------------|
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