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Journey - Loved By You chords

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JOURNEY  Loved By You
from the Arrival (2001) record

           F                    Am

  Em                  F              G

Verse 1:
      F                Am         Em    F
Every time is like the first time tenderly 
G                  Am        G
Loving you is like breathing spring
Em                 F                G       Am 
Seasons change but your heart beats constantly
         F                         G 
Count my blessing every day as you love me
       F          Am                Em       F 
As the sunset disappears across the northern sky
G               Am      G 
You look for forever in my eyes
Em             F                G      Am      
All that I can say as long as I have a voice
           F                               G 
I'll thank God above that I was your first choice 

            F            G     Asus4   Am
If I should die before I wake 
          F                            Cmaj7*
I'll go into the night whispering your name 
         Bm7                 Em                Am      G
If lying in your arms is the last thing that I do 
           F                 G        Asus4   A
At least I know that I'll be loved by you 


Verse 2:
F          Am      Em         F
In about a hundred years from now
     G              Am      G 
When all of my love letters are found
    Em                  F                  G              Am
And someone reads these words I've written only meant for you
F                             G 
They'll know how forever came true 


Solo rhythm:
F, G, Asus4, Am
F, Cmaj7*
Bm7, Em, Am, G
F, G, Asus4, A

        F             G    Asus4   Am
Let the years roll on by 
F                              Cmaj7*
These are the best times of my life 
Bm7             Em               Am       G
I'll just smile when my days are through 
F                            G       Asus4   A
Knowing that I've been loved by you 
           F                   G        Asus4   A
At least I know that I've been loved by you 


end on Asus4, A

*Cmaj7 - (x35453)
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