Joyce Manor - Housewarming Party chords

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A F#5 B5 D5

There are five delightful flavors in a Lifesavers roll, yeah my grandma used to 
say I've got a sentimental skull. 
D5                                                    Dm                
But my grandma was a waitress, my mom was a waitress, and I am a waitress too.

Yeah, your dad, he was a cop and punched you right in the head. You said "Fuck 
you, Dad! I hate you!" and that's just what you meant. 
D5                                                  Dm
But your dad was a cop, I bet his dad was a cop, yeah but you're no cop you see.

A              F#5    B5            D5                                                  
No, to me you are the great wall of China. 
Yeah to me, you are the golden gates of hell. 
Yeah to me, you are college camping trips and hockey. 
Yeah to me, you are the lies that you sell.

A                         F#5        B5                         E
No it's true that I still love you, for how long I never could tell. 
A                                     F#5                    B5
But our lives are the same, both in shape and in length. For when you die, 
D5             A
I will die as well. 

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