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Judds - Grandpa tab

   GRANDPA               The Judds

Intro    Ab  Gb  E  Gb  Db  E
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       E                          A
1.)  Grandpa, tell me about the good ole days.
2.)  Grandpa, everything is     changing fast
               E                            B
Sometimes it feels like this world's gone crazy.
we call it   process, but I just don't    know
       E                       A
    Grandpa, take me back to   yesterday.
And Grandpa, let's wander back into the past
                        E           B             E
When the line between right wrong didn't seem so hazy.
and paint me a        picture           of long  ago.

Lovers really fall in love to stay
Stand beside each other come what may
Promise really something people kept
not just something they would say   ( and then forget)
Families really bow their heads to pray
And daddy's really never go away.
            A     B                            E
Wooo ooh Grandpa, tell  me about the good ole days.

go to Intro, then 2nd verse, to chorus with underlined repeated to fade.
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