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Jude - Out Of La tab

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Tabbed by seboddos aka zappy the koala

B7 X21202	E 022100    E7  020100

Intro: E   B7   E   E7 (Play 4 times)

Verse (E  B7  E B7 /  E  E  B7 / E  A7):
E                            B7                       E
This town's got to shake down to its roots
I don't know if that's the sands
Or the tropical fruits
I don't believe all the things I see
But I'm still betting on you and me

Chorus (E  B7 E):
E                      B7          E   B7
Hey hey baby, we gotta get out of L.A.
E                      B7          E    B7
Hey hey baby, we gotta get out of L.A.


      E7                     A7(VI)

(Play twice)

Verse (E  B7  E B7/  E  E  B7 / E  A7):
I met a girl who looked like a movie star
She was going for a ride and i don't mean in a car
Had a brain about the size of a frozen pea
And on a scale of one to ten she was twenty-three

Verse (E  B7  E B7/  E  E  B7 / E  A7):
A big fat man's gonna make me a king
He's got a see-through tan and a pinky diamond ring
Slicked-back hair shirt to his thigh
Import silk slave labor dyed

Chorus (E  B7 E):

Verse (E  B7  E B7/  E  E  B7 / E  A7):
The boy whores sell their souls on the boulevard
And that's a shirt-free store where they don't take a credit card
From the hills to the chills its a quick fall down
It's a great big city, it's a real small town

Chorus (E  B7 E):
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