Julia Nunes - The Debt chords

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|-| = [pause/do not play here]

Intro: A x4; D x4; A x4; D x4

Verse I:
|---| A x1 |----------------------------------| D
Well, I bet you thought that I forgot about our deal,
But I am a man of my word, though they be strange and absurd,
I'm just trying to keep it real.
And I know I lost the bet, but I haven't lost you yet,
       D                                               G
And if drinking lemonade for the rest of my days would save you,
           E           |-|    
You know I would do... it. 

Break I: A x4; D x4; A x4; D x4

Verse II:
D        A
Remember Regina and Sara and cereal bowls,
And wearing our hats even when it's not cold. 
I'll never relate to your city peeps,
'Cause I do most of my thuggin' on suburban streets. 
      G                 E    |------------| A
I get terrified but I'm fine, when I'm with you. 

Break II: A x4; D x4; A x4; D x4

|--------| G x1 |---------------------| D x1
You should know that I love it when you sing,
|------| G x1 |-----------------------| D x1 |-------|
But I'd love it even more if you'd stop hitting things.
G x1 |-----------| E x1 |-------| A   
Regardless, I'd be heartless, without you. 

Break III: A x4; D x4; A x4; D x4

Verse III:
Well I haven't yelled at someone in a really long time,
And the last time that I did, I regretted it. I-I-I-I
A                                 D
Can't wait 'til senior year, when I will live in constant fear.
'Cause you'll act like a zombie, slobber all on me.
    D                                               G
You know that I hate it but I wouldn't trade it for any 
        E        |------|    
asshole you don't...like. 

Break IV: A x4

Verse III (Continued...)
|---------| G x1 |--------------| E x1 |----| Am x1 |--|
Yeah you're stuck with me for the rest of our afterlives.

Outro: A x4; D x4; A x4; D x4; A x1
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