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Julian Cope - Metranil Vavin chords

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From 'World Shut Your Mouth' - 2nd track.
Very simple song, nevertheless it's brilliant.

I'd like to give you this simple fill, which is used in the verse patterns, when 
there's no singing...

G|---------------------| x4 (you'll hear that)

  D                    C
A child that's born in pain

D                        C
Kicked from the fires, I landed in obscurity

D           C
     I cry again

D                   C
     Nine times I'm bleeding in my purity


Bb                   F
Metranil dreams of becoming a neon

Bb                      F
You don't ever take him seriously

C                 G
How am I going to get to heaven

     C                        G
When my life's balanced so precariously

[opening fill]

For the rest it's all the same chords

Fame takes down it's clothes
Looks for the smallest of inhabitants
Hell, I suppose
Y'know me I wasn't made for arrogance

Once I was pride
Lived in the sweetest dreams of foolishness
Lines etched on my face
Seek a path but never *I'm too lazy to search the CDs lyrics sheet...*
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