Julian Drive - From Your Hands chords

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Verse 1
G(w/D)           D2        Asus
Praying in the garden, You saw the crowd coming
G(w/D)      D2                   A4
Betrayed by one that called You King
G(w/D)            D2                       A4                Bm
You could have called a band of angels to come and save the day
But instead You chose to stay, You didn't run away

D            A             Bm         G
In the very front of Your mind While the blood was flowing
D           A           Bm     G
You saw my face as You cried Certain in knowing
D                A             G
Tears, blood and pain in the sand
      E                      G           A
True love was pouring, True love was pouring from Your hands

 Verse 2
G(w/D)       D2       A4
Bruised and beaten, appeared You were defeated
    G        D2                 A4 
But things aren't always what they seem
G             D2                    A4                 Bm
They thought when they placed Your body into an empty grave
It would end all debate But the stone was rolled away

Repeat Chorus

     Bm             G                 D                A
The same hand that washes clean, and sets the captive free
      Bm        G                     D        A
Same hand that calmed a sea, and the one who rescued me

Repeat Chorus 2X
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