Julian Smith - Dont Know How It Goes chords

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Standard Tuning
(If you don't want to play in C, Capo 5 and play in G: C=G G=D F=C E=B)
Key- C

C           G              F
Theres a song people are singin
C              G         F
Anybody whos anybody knows
C            G                   F
And all the whole wide world is singin
C       G                F
But I dont know how it goes

C     G   F  C  G
Heaven knows, how it goes

C             G                  F
The Preacher sings his from the word of god
C           G                    F
The addict hums his through his nose
C            E              F                
Its like a rhythm how she gives her heart away
C            G       F
Just keepin tempo I suppose
C              G                        F
I can hear the beggar sing it from the street
C        G                    F
Lyrics written on a sign he holds
C            G                     F 
Yeah, I can hear the whole world singin
C            G            F
But I dont know how it goes


                                     C     G  F 
And maybe whats ahead is anybodys guess oh oh
                                 C     G  F
And Im not so alone in my loneliness oh oh
                            Am    G   F     F  G
Yeah I guess no one really knows oh oh oh

Chorus x2

C              G               F
And theres a song people are singin
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