Julie Anne San Jose - Enough chords

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Julie Ann San Jose
tabbed by: naguenyong vinx

   Intro: D-F#m-E-F#m-; (2x)

  D                        A
   Remember those time we had
       F#m                  D
   The good, the happy and sad
   I never thought we got around
         F#m                  D
   When things went tumbling down

   I guess we got lonely
              E                         D
   There was no one else for us to turn to
   'Cause I don't need you any longer
   'Cause now I'm stronger

      D         A
   Enough, no more
        F#m              E
   It's time for you to be on your way
          D        A
   Time's up, Get out
      F#m             E  
   No need for us to figure it out
       D        A
   Let go, Move on
        F#m            E
   It's time to go our separate ways
      D        A
   Enough, be gone
        F#m               E
   The hurt and pain will only remain

     D             A
   Yeah yeah yeah yeah
      F#m             E  
   No need for us to figure it out
     D             A
   Yeah yeah yeah yeah
        F#m               E
   The hurt and pain will only remain
   Interlude: D-F#m-E-F#m

  D                    A
   Stop tryin' to call me
    F#m               D
   Stop messin' with my mind
   Oh why can't you see?
         F#m                            D
   That there's nothing else you will find

   'Cause we'll only keep on fighting
             E                         D
   And our hearts will only keep on hurting
   Tell me who are we fooling 
   With our selfish pride, so...

   (Repeat Chorus1)

      D  E-F#m           E
   (Stay away) till the clouds settle
     D   E F#m            E
   (Find a way) for our hearts to be sober
     D   E  F#m      E
   (And someday) I hope and I pray
      D                     F#m
   Maybe we could be good friends
   Take a turn at this dead end

   Interlude: D-A-F#m-E-; (2x)

   Rap: (do chord pattern D-A-F#m-E, 4x)

     This is enough
     Yeah we fuss and fight
     What a damage we’ve done
     And I knew that we ain't gonna make it right
     Looking at the mirror
     This body and mind is wasted
     And now I just feel so ashamed to feel like I've be chasing
     The love I never thought would last
     I guess that was the past
     I remember all the memories and things we used to have
     I'm moving on, but you keep coming back
     It's too late it's too late
     'cause it's over yeah

   (Repeat Chorus1 and Chorus2)

   Coda: D-F#m-E-F#m-;
         D-F#m-E-F#m-D break
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