Julie Doiron - Borrowed Minivans chords

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Tp play the C-chords in before the words start and in between, just lift your 
finger on the b string to make it open (if your playing an open C as in 032010)
I think this is pretty right...

All of this town seems drunk tonight
And I'm looking for your hand
The girls i see now are driving around
   F              C
In borrowed minivans

They're wearing tanktops and knee-high pants
And laughingly singing out loud
        C              Am
They're running around this old town
F                 C
Looking for their man

Some of the people seem lost tonight
With all their drunken hands in flight
    Am            F
So take me to the country land
It's time for us to make our stand
And it's time to make some music right
We'll know each other better tonight

So carry me out past the place i live
I think I'm ready I'm ready to give
    C                   F          C
You anything everything little and big
                        F        C
I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready to live

We're leaving the land of buried barns
To wet basement apartments and into our arms
Am                           F
Flying in bursts through the watery parks
      C                         C   C    C    C
We'll fly on our bikes in this dark dark dark dark

And all of the people are with us tonight
And all of their hopeful plans
   C              F      C
So take me to the countryside so we can make our stand

And it's time to make some music right
Time to make this land feel bright
C                        F         C
And it's time to use our hands for right
C                        F        C
And make this place feel bright tonight

E F  C F C F C 
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