Julie Miller - How Could You Say No chords

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HOW COULD YOU SAY  NO      Julie Miller 

       G              D            C       B     Am         
1.     Thorns on His head          spear in His side 
2. If  Christ        Himself were  standing     here
3.     Jesus is      here with His arms open    wide

          Am      B         C                    G                 D     
1.        Yet it was a      heartache that       made Jesus        cry     
2.        Face full of      glory and            eyes full of      tears 
3.You can see Him with your heart if you'll stop looking with your eyes 
          G             D            C         B        Am           
1.        He gave His   life so      you would under   stand   
2. And He held out His  arms and His nail      printed hands
3. He's   left it up to you,  He's   done all  that He can 

         Am        B   C            D              G
1, 2, 3. Is there any way you could say no to this man
          C             G           C    B       Am    
(CHORUS)  How could you look in His tear stained eyes 
G                               D
knowing it's you He's thinking of
          Em                           C        B    Am
Could you tell Him you're not ready to give Him your life     
          Am       B    C              G        D    
Could you say you don't think that you need His love    

      G             D         C    B      Am  
(TAG) Thorns on His head your life in His hands
Am        B  C     Am       B   C
Is there any way   Is there any way   
Am       B   C             D               G        
Is there any way you could say no to this man
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