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Julie Roberts - Lonely Alone chords

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D                                  G
How long did it take to find this letter
D                                   G
I know it wasn't right when you got home
       Em                                 G 
Was it about the time you started getting hungry
Am                                     D
And looked to see what I'd left on the stove

Did it ever cross your mind to even worry
Or wonder where I am, is everything all right
No, thats why I left it on your pillow
      Am             D                 G 
Cause thats the only time I cross your mind

C                   D              G
I refuse to be with you and be forgotten
         Em         C                    D 
So this afternoon I thought why not just go
      C    D          Em  A 
After all I'm already lonely
Am                 D      G   
I might as well be lonely alone.

Maybe I've become a different woman
Or maybe you became a different man
You wonder why I'm doing what I'm doing
Well I'm not expecting your to understand
      C          D                  G  
Cause you had no idea that this was coming
    D                                    G 
How could you when I've always just been there
    Em             C             G
But you just go on taking me for granted
        Am                D           G 
For the first time in my life I don't care

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