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Jupiter Day - Planes Could Crash tab

Jupiter Day - Planes could crash

A very moody song which I like to hear on a rainy day when I'm alone...

It's pretty simple - I think... It's late night and my brother is
sleeping in the room next to me so I can't turn my electric-guitar on :|
I'm playing unplugged on a electric-guitar!?

NB: For lyrics look at the nice site

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	Bm			Fm
e -------------(2)----------------------------------|
B -------2------3-----------2-----------------------|
G ----------4------------4-----4--(2)---------------|
D ---------------------------------4----------------|
A --------------------------------(4)---------------|
E --------------------------------------------------|


Bm	Fm


Bm	D	G	A


Bm	D	Fm	A


D	A	Bm	G


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