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Jupiter Sunrise - Badge Of Honor tab

Band: Jupiter Sunrise (
Song: Badge of Honor
Tabbed by: Jana

   A F# E D B

A                                  F#       E       A
Of my two best stories, you're the one that I don't tell.
A                                        F#       E         A
So don't worry, Josephina, you that your secret's safe with me.
     D           A     E           D         A         E
Oh, the mystery that surrounds you couldn't hide your heart of gold.
                 D     A      E        A                DDD
Cause you're so beautiful and shy and true. And I'm the only one you told.

A      E        F#                   D                    A
    Whoah, Josephina, you know your secret's safe with me.
    E                 F#                 DDD C# B A
Woahoh I think we can help each other...

A                                                   F#   E        A
But you're so quiet when you're talkin'I think your body tells me more.
A                                                    F#   E      A
The way your eyes ask, "can I tell him?" Your ankles say, "walk awhile". 
    D           A       E                           D         A       E
it starts with pins-and-needles moving through your head down to your toes.
         D        A        E     A                    
Then you feel you start to float away...  and I'm the only one who knows.


F#         A       B         D       F#      A      B     D
F#  A       B      D    F#          A       B
I admit I'm fascinated. I wear your secret, Josephina, 
like a sacred badge of honor.

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