Juris Fernandez - Set You Free chords

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Intro: E-A-F#m-B 2x

 E         F#m             G#m
We often fool ourselves and say

      A         E            F#m   
That it's love only cause when it's gone

       C#sus   G#7 
We end up being lonely


So how are we to know, That it just so 

   A    G#m       F#m
That we just have to let each other go

(Do Stanza Chords)
There are many times when we share
Precious moments but later realizae
They were only stolen moments

(Repeat Refreain Except 2 words)

Other go..


 B                    C#m        
If loving you is all that means to me

 A                 G#m       C#m       
Then being happy is all, I hope you'll be

  F#m        G#m
Then loving you must mean

 A          B           
I really have to set you free

(Do stanza chords)
Each day we meet my love for you
Keeps going stronger
But everytime we meet, Makes leaving you so much harder

(Repeat Refrain)

(Repeat Chorus)


 C#m           G#m
Letting go is not an easy task

We smile and feels like

               F#                A       G#m
I must bear this lonely mask, It hurts deep inside

That his anguish at the thought

That we should head to part

(Repeat Chorus 2x)
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