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Justin Bieber - Common Denominator chords

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          C              G              Am          F
Just a fraction of your love, fills the air.
       C                 G             Am      F
And I fall in love with you, all over again,  ooh.
             C                   G          Am         F
You're the light that feeds the sun, in my world.
              C               G            Am      F
I'd face a thousand years of pain, for my girl.
- - -
       Am                 F                  C         G
Out of all the things in life, that I could fear.
     Am                    F                          C        G
The only thing that would hurt me, is if you weren't here.

- - -
Am                     F                       C         
   I don't want to go back, to just being one half of the equation.
Do you understand what I'm sayin?
Am                        Am                             F
   Girl without you I'm lost, can't face this focus at heart.
Between me and love.
             G             Am       F    C
You're the common denominator, oh, oh, woah, oh.
              G             Am     F     C, G
You're the common denominator, oh, yeah.

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